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  • 1] Llantwit Major: Ancient town of my birth: Recollections of Illtud Thomas: 1894
  • 2] Colhugh: A discussion of the origin of the name.

Elwyn Gibbs.

  • 3] A very intelligent architect: Matthew Digby Wyatt of Dimlands and The Ham.
  • 1820-1877.

Nigel Williams

  • 4]Statistical analysis of the L.M. census of 1841
  • 5]A view from the Post Office: A selection from the diaries of Hughie Andrews. 1929.
  • 6]A tribute to Daniel Hopkins. 1886-1951

Ann Holt

  • 7] Origin and activities of the L.Major Local History Society from 1967

Vivian Kelly




  • 1]Summerhouse Point: Iron Age fort/As part of the Boverton Estate/Hafod girls’ camp.

Elwyn Gibbs.

  • 2]] Evan Seys of Boverton Place. 1604-1685

Christine Young

  • 3] Keeping the peace in Llantwit Major:

Nigel Williams

  • 4]Statistical analysis of the L.M. census 1851
  • 5]A view from the Post office: Diary of 1931
  • 6]The Price family of The Hayes.

C. Young. W. John. J. Clifford. A Butler

  • 7]A  book review of ‘ Brat’s Progress’  by Wyndham Deere 1940s

David Brunning




  • 1]The visit of Edward VIII to Trebeferad: 1936

David Brunning

  • 2]Theophilus Redwood 1806-1892

Dr. Peter Thomas. Introduction-Vivian Kelly

  • 3]Bethesda’r Fro chapel.

Nigel Williams

  • 4]Statistical analysis of the L. M. census 1861
  • 5]A view from the Post Office: Diary of 1934
  • 6] Professor Glyn Daniel: 1914-1986

Vivian Kelly

  • 7]Changing Times: Remembrances of St Donats 1940s – 2000
  • Alice Thomas




  • 1]The excavation of  the Roman Villa at Cae Mead. 1888

Ray Stephen

  • 2]Landmarks and Place names in Llantwit Major

Elwyn Gibbs

  • 3] The story of Hillhead.1817-1929

From the deeds provided by Mrs. Margaret Jenkins.

  • 4]Statistical analysis of the L.M. census of 1871
  • 5]Ghostly funerals.

Recounted c 1940 by Lizzie Howells

  • 6] The Hughie Andrews diary of 1936.
  • 7]Professor William H. Davies 1910- 1983

Christine Young

  • 8]Eva Davies: One girl’s name on the war memorial.1896-1914

David Brunning

  • 9]The bells of St. Illtud’s Church.

Bill Price




  • 1]The Vale of Glamorgan Railway makes a comeback. Opened 1897 re-opened 2005

Bill Price

  • 2]The Bruce sisters of Blaen y Cwm

Margaret Kelly

  • 3]Reminiscences of Llantwit Major during WWII. Part 1

David Brunning

  • 4] The Oddfellows in Llantwit Major

Nigel Williams

  • 5]Statistical analysis of the L.M. census of 1881
  • 6]The road to the beach: built 1882

A Contemporary account

  • 7]The Hughie Andrews diary of 1938
  • 8] The Crawshays of Dimlands    1900-1940s

Hilary Thomas

  • 9]A nostalgic view of Alan’s  shop: butcher in Church Street

Christine Young




  • 1]Llantwit Major Rugby Football Club founded 1889

Vivian Kelly

  • 2] The Llantwit Major affray [between Seys family and Van family] of 1597

Elwyn Gibbs

  • 3]Morgan Stuart Williams- restorer of St, Donats Castle. 1846-1909

Nigel Williams

  • 4] Llantwit Major in WWII [1943-1945] Part two.

David Brunning

  • 5]The War memorial 1947

David Brunning

  • 6]Statistical analysis of the L.M. census. 1891
  • 7] The weather in Llantwit 1891

From newspaper reports

  • 8] Hughie Andrews diaries of 1939-1940
  • 9] Llantwit’s Duffryn House.

From the deeds

  • 10] Six Wells Farm: A Casualty of War.

Nigel Williams




  • 1]Twenty –five years of town twinning. 1982-2007

Rosemary Hibberd

  • 2]James Kennett of L.M: The farm worker’s champion 1877-1961

David Pretty

  • 3]The Wilkins family of L.Major and the land they acquired 1670-1919

Christine Young

  • 4[ The Vachell family of Cardiff  and the dispersal of Wilkins land. 1755-1950

Christine Young

  • 5]Statistical analysis of the LM census of 1901
  • 6]The funeral of Mrs.Nicholl of The Ham 1905

Newspaper report

  • 7] Hughie Andrews diary of 1941
  • 8]Post and telecommunications in LM

Tony Wilkins

  • 9]The cinema years 1938-1970

Faith Francis

  • 10]The Beach at Llantwit Major

Vivian Kelly




  • 1]The Celtic Monastery in Llantwit Major.

Vivian Kelly

  • 2] The search for Illtud’s monastery.

Christine Young

  • 3] Notes in answer to reader’s queries
  • 4] The manor of Boverton and Llantwit:  Creation and settlement 1090-1924

Elwyn Gibbs

  • 5]Marie Trevelyan: An authoress with three names.1853-1922

Nigel Williams

  • 6]An old wedding custom: chaining the church gate.

Doreen Matthews

  • 7] The Bassettts of Sigginston 1734-1887

Karen Isaac Rees

  • 8] The two Georges of the Kibblewhite family.

David Brunning

  • 9]The meat contract.[ between Mr. Thomas Island House and Fonmon Castl.c 1912/13.]

Jeff Robinson

  • 10] The Llantwit Major Coastguard sevice.1871-2008

Tony Wilcocks

  • 11] The rescue from the wreck ‘Ideal’: 1938

Report by Coastguard Lomax


VOLUME 9          2009


  • 1]Iolo and the Samson Pillar

Brian Davies

  • 2]Education in Llantwit Major

Nigel Williams

  • 3]Woodford House: a social history

Graham Phillimore

  • 4]The pilgrimage of Father Ignatius to Llantwit Major 1884

David Brunning

  • 5]Local sports 18th  century :

Cock fighting
Elwyn Gibbs
19th century:
Vivian Kelly

  • 6]The Baldwin family adventures

Jeff Robinson

  • 7]Reminiscences of the shops and shop-keepers from the 1930s-1960s

Compiled by Tony Wilkins and Christine Young


VOLUME 10  2010


  • 1]Introduction to local agriculture

Nigel Williams

  • 2] Local farming in the 19th century: Downcross  and East Monkton

Diaries of Thomas Evans

  • 3]Old agricultural traditions remembered
  • 4] Mills in and around Llantwit Major.

David Brunning

  • 5] The Wick Road hay driers

Heather March

  • 6] West Street pool

Michael Learner

  • 7] A walk along West Street and Castle Street

Christine Young
Introduction:Elwyn Gibbs

  • 8] The visit of Thomas Carlyle to Llantwit Major.1843 and 1850

Nigel Williams

  • 9]The growth and development of Llantwit Major from 1930

Jenny Pearce

  • 10] The building of the outer by-pass. Completed 1978

Christine Young

  • 11] The proposed international Airport at Llantwit Major.1944

Nigel Williams



  • 1] Reserved for the lord. A brief history of Boverton.

Nigel Williams

  • 2] Boverton Village. A compilation of village memories.

Christine Young.

  • 3]Rees Thomas 1841-1924: Farmer at Boverton Place.

Christine Young

  • 4]The Welsh Land Settlement scheme.

Paul Stephens

  • 5]The Blue Pilgrims [of Woodford House]

Graham Phillimore

  • 6]County Councillor Percy Smith [of Boverton]

David Brunning

  • 7]Old Christmas traditions in Llantwit Major.

C. Redwood/ V.Symmonds/ J. Griffiths.

VOLUME 12        2012

  • 1]The Raglans of Llantwit Major 1455-1534

Elwyn Gibbs

  • 2] Plymouth House Farm and Farmers

Christine Young

  • 3] Living at Plymouth House 1930s to 1950s.

Joan Franzinetti and Morgan DiRodi

  • 4] Daniel Jones .Lawyer, farmer and benefactor 1754 -1841

Graham Phillimore

  • 5] The Garsed family of Moorlands farm.

Christine Young

  • 6] Noah Morgan of Penybryn Farm and the Morgan family.

David Thomas

  • 7] Morgan Board and Great Frampton

Jodie Taylor

  • 8] Batslays Farm.

Nigel Williams

  • 9] The Llantwit Major Youth Club in the 1940s and 50s.

Alma Sterritt
With contributions from Jim Grifffiths and Faith Francis


VOLUME 13  2013


  • 1] Defending Llantwir Major during WW II

Jonathan Berry

  • 2] Memories of wartime along the Heritage Coast

John Morgan

  • 3]The  Llantwit   Major Volunteer Brigade 1903-1908

Brenda Youde

  • 4] A Ladies Maid who worked in Five Castles.

Recollections of Lizzie Ann Powell
[Llantwit’s real life version of Downton Abbey]

  • 5] The Fallen (named on Llantwit Major war memorial)

Nigel Williams

  • 6] Memories of Ham

Recollections of Arthur Williams, Vernie and Donald Symmonds

  • 7] Marcross and St. Donats school records 1876-1918
  • 8] Ask for the Coastguard

The experiences of Steven George

  • 9] Vagabonds, Tramps and Cheap-jacks .

Recollections of Randolph Deere, Thora John and Glyn Davies


VOLUME 14  2014





VOLUME 15  2015


  • 1] Sigingstone village

Christine Young
Victoria inn: Village Hall: Great House: Green Farm: Pump House:
Cross Farm: Moorshead.
Brenda Youde  and Colin Thomas
Inter War and Post War:
Llandow Air Crash.
David Brunning

  • 2] Tabernacle Chapel

Nigel Williams

  • 3] Mounting Blocks in Llantwit Major 7 photographs
  • 4] The Roman Villa at Caer Mead

David Rogers

  • 5]  Two Theories: The Ancient origin of St. Brides Way

Philip Morris
Was there a water wheel at the Grange of St Illtyd’s Church
Steven George

  • 6] The National Egg collection

David Thomas

  • 7] The Town Square

Christine Young
Town Hall: The Swan: The White Hart: The Globe Inn

  • 8] Lighting up Llantwit’s Streets

Memories from Glyn Davies


“Llantwit Major in Focus”  photographs 2017

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