Lecture Programme

2023 – 2024

Fifty-Seventh Session


Evening meetings take place in the Llantonian Hall at 7.30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.

Morning repeats are held at CF61 on the Thursday of the following week at 11 a.m.



Weds 13 September 2023

St Donats Castle – The Hearst Years

Martin Blarney

Repeated Thursday 21

Weds 11 October 2023

Collecting Welsh Place names

Dr James January-Mccann of RCAHMW

Repeated Thursday 19

Weds 8 November 2023

Marie Trevelyan: Llantwit writer born before her time Kath Giblin

Repeated Thursday 16

Weds 13 December 2023

A Non conformist Christmas Nigel Williams MA

Repeated on Thursday 21

Weds 10 January 2024

The Seys of Boverton Christine Young BA

Repeated Thursday 18

Weds 14 February 2024

The first Tourist in Llantwit Major: did William Wordsworth visit the town?

Ven. Philip Morris BA MPhil

Repeated Thursday 22

Weds 13 March 2024

RAF Llandow and what went before

Sue Pattinson BA

Repeated Thursday 21

Weds 10 April 2024

A.G.M. at 7p.m. followed by food & wine